English Week | Semana del Inglés


English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, thanks to this communication with people from different countries, you can avoid embarrassing situations, take advantage of opportunities that we have and even prevent death.

Perhaps the reason why studying English is important is because this is fundamental when it comes to finding work. English is our access to a better education and therefore the possibility of a better job. Our job opportunities will multiply as soon as we master the language.

Another important reason to learn English is that we can access a better education, without limiting ourselves to the universities or training centers of our own country. In addition we will be able to have access to the most current and complete information, we will know the latest advances and we will be able to accede to the majority of the scientific, academic and technological texts, written in English.

Finally studying English is the best way to having a great vacation. A language trip abroad is the best way to learn English, to get to know a new culture and interesting people, to visit incredible places and to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. What are you waiting for?

By Sebastian Sariego Soto - 11°A